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On the 7th of July during the opening of the Now Show > New Show 5 of our students will be awarded to the best projects of this year in partnership with local and national partners.

These are the prizes and nominees of the Now Show > New Show 2021:

St. Joostpenning
This prize, provided by the municipality of Breda, will be awarded to the student with the best project in Breda. Nominees are:
Sonia Commandeur, BA Photography, Film & the Digital
Kija Benford & Jolijn Durinck, BA Art & Research
Zenzy Blindeling, BA Illustrated & Animated Storytelling
Daphne van der Voort, BA New Design & Attitudes

The Lucasprijs awards the student with the best project at the academy in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, made possible by the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The nominees are:
Michelle Smits, BA New Design & Attitudes
Jerrold Saija, BA Art & Research
Matunda Groenendijk, BA Illustrated & Animated Storytelling

JBZ Award
This award is focuses for students in Den Bosch who centered their projects on healthcare and social inclusion. Provided by Jeroen Bosch Hospital in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The nominees are:
Loes van Reijmersdal, BA Art & Research
Marit van der Heijden, BA Art & Research
Myrthe Bruijn, BA New Design & Attitudes
Qwen Sterenberg, BA New Design & Attitudes
Michelle Smits, BA New Design & Attitudes
Almira El Batati, BA Illustrated & Animated Storytelling
Mackenzie Fincham, BA Illustrated & Animated Storytelling
Ema Vaneková, BA Art & Research (2020)
Hanneke Gerrits BA New Design & Attitudes (2020)
– Okke van Bremen BA Illustrated & Animated Storytelling (2020)

Besides the awards mentioned above the following prizes will also be announced:
– AIR de Missie based on entries and best match with residency
– Van Gogh AIR based on entries and best match with residency

All the work shown here will be available from the 7th of July on nowshow.nl, in just a few days time.

Don’t miss the online award ceremony on the 7th of July, 19:30h to know more about these projects and discover the winners!

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