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This year in particular, the process of graduating within our academy hasn’t been as visible as previous years for everyone. Therefore, we spoke to a few of our graduates to provide you with a quick dive into their experiences and their road to Now Show > New Show:

Jill Heesbeen (Illustrated & Animated Storytelling)
Matunda Groenendijk (Illustrated & Animated Storytelling)
Femke van Heijningen & Noëmi Hofstede (Art & Research)
Thijs Breukers (Photography, Film and The Digital)

Matunda expressed that the show is a vibrant collection of the worlds students have created. It’s the result of a spectacular collaboration between tutors and students. She said: “Our tutors are genuinely interested and trusting of our artistic development, and we are excited to show our imagination and message being translated through a creative practice – one we feel so connected to”.

Jill gave us a sneak peak of what we expect to see in the show: “There is anything from VR installations, to science fiction stories, to zines, to animations. Thijs added that each of the works is fused each students’ our own interests and preoccupations of sociocultural issues. As Jill explains, “In the end, everyone made very different things. When they told us we could do anything for our final projects, we took that to heart”…you’ll see for yourself. 

Flexibility, movement, connectedness and presence were the three words that Femke and Noëmi chose to describe the show. “We encourage visitors to come with an open mind and to embrace the element of surprise. You will find yourself in front of works that twist and challenge your perceptions about reality”.

To finish, Thijs suggests that visitors “feel free to connect and exchange conversations with us. We’ve created a safe and inclusive place to do just that –  it’s a great way to experience art.”