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The first 12 months have changed our behavior in ways never thought possible. Borders were closed, major events were postponed, hugs were considered a dangerous choice and education had to adapt to a new way of learning.

As the class of 2021, we experienced our final year of study mostly from home. As students of New Design & Attitudes, we tackled the challenge of Covid19 in the same way as our other challenges: we came up with innovative solutions and continued our education.

In hatching the plan for the Graduation Show, we used our knowledge, skills and guts to design an online digital experience. NDA stands for New Design & Attitudes, this year we reinterpreted NDA and it now stands for New Disclosure Agreement!

With the New Disclosure Agreement, it’s no longer about secrecy, but full disclosure. We show what we have and what we can do. We convince, show off, create and are proud. We are the class of 2021!

The digital Graduation Show is about showcasing our final projects to possible future clients, and those clients can be based anywhere. With an online show, our work can travel to any curious soul with a Wi-Fi connection. We will impress our grandparents on their tablet at home, inspire a generation on Instagram with our pinned stories and appeal to future employers on LinkedIn. This year’s final show may have been produced under limited freedom with tightly restricted movement, but nothing will stop its progress and reach online.  

No borders are closed to this New Disclosure Agreement!


By reading this text, you fully agree to share our designs with the world and talk about our presentation until 31 December 2021.