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If you are interested to visit our location, you can book your timeslot here:

Academy in Breda (Bachelor programs Design + Art & Research):
Book a timeslot in Breda

Academy in Den Bosch (Bachelor program Art & Research + Master Institute of Visual Cultures):
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Visit Now Show at the academy

Over the past months the graduates, have proven their extraordinary flexibility and resilience. In a period of uncertainty, they were able to unleash new opportunities to reinvent professional practices. All this hard work led to a great online presentation of the class of 2021 and an extensive online program that includes network meetings, performances, the film events, artist talks and more.

A selection of the graduates decided that their work also needs to be experienced in the physical space in addition to the online presentations. We are happy to announce that we can also show a small collection of works in our academies in addition to the online presentations. As the Covid restrictions begin to lower, we decided to open our academy to welcome a limited number of guests to experience the exhibition live.

On show in Breda:

In Breda you can enjoy the work of our freshly graduated BA students: New Design & Attitudes, Illustrated & Animated Storytelling and Photography, Film & the Digital graduates and Art & Research. Here we offer in two inspiring presentations:  

· Bachelor programs Design at our location in Breda: The three bachelor programs Design in both Den Bosch and Breda have joined forces to organize a group presentation in Breda in which you will be able to experience the work of a selection of students from both Den Bosch and Breda campuses.
· Bachelor program Art & Research at our location in Breda: Besides our Design students, you will also be able to witness the work of our Art & Research students from Breda. They will be on display in their studios on the second floor in Breda.

Adress: St. Joost, Beukenlaan 1, Breda
Timeslots: 8-11 July | 11:00 – 18:00h

On show in Den Bosch:

· Bachelor program Art & Research at our location in Den Bosch:
The students from the Art & Research Bachelor program in Den Bosch have chosen to present their works in their studios at the academy in Den Bosch. This work can be viewed together with the works of the students at our Master Institute.
If you want to have an overview of all bachelor students, check out: nowshow.nl. Also: see a quick preview by former graduate Daan Mulder here.

· Master Institute of Visual Cultures and the Art & Research:
Please visit our academy in Den Bosch for the exhibition LIVE ALONE DIE TOGETHER from our Master Institute of Visual Cultures and the Art & Research Den Bosch studio visits. If you would like to know more about the exhibition of our master students, check out: current.is.

Adress: Parallelweg 21, Den Bosch
Timeslots: 8-11 July | 11:00 – 18:00h


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