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At the Sunscreening event ‘Moving Essentials’ alumni of St.Joost are concluding their studies with a screening of their films and animations! Let the work of these young makers move and amaze you as they prepare for taking their first steps in the field. You are welcome to join us from 18.30h for some dinner and some drinks and don’t be afraid to have a chat with the alumni before the screening starts at 20:00h. See you there! Sunscreening is the place to be for filmmakers, animators and visual artists! Every Saturday evening during the summer our terrace at MotMot gallery is all about moving images. Discover new works and hidden gems; young and established creatives; animators and directors; artists and visual pioneers!

Program starts at 20.00h. For more info check out the Facebook event.

This event is organized by Electron, Breda. For the corona guidelines, please visit https://www.electronbreda.com