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We proudly present the 2021 graduates from the Photography, Film & the Digital programme. Join us for this online event featuring the graduates’ work, moderated by curator and researcher Paulien Dresscher. For 1,5 hours you will witness the work of eleven graduates who used photography or digital media to reflect on today’s society. Their engagement leads to important new perspectives on the ways society is dealing with major unsettling shifts over the last year. Join this event and get inspired by these talented visual storytellers. 

This session is in Dutch. It will be streamed from our homepage on nowshow.nl   

The projects of the following young makers will be shown:
Mirthe Hamelink
Zoë Jurriëns
Rick van der Klooster
Mirre Korevaar Wijnja
Daniël Lokerse
Paul Staring
Sharon Harthoorn
Sybren Boer
Sanne Antens
Emma de Gier