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The TV set is the all-seeing eye that mirrors our lives and projects our desires. Classically, it is also the main protagonist of every average living room. During the livestream event titled ‘On TV’, we will explore the bandwidth of what a livestream can be through its spiritual grandparent, the television. Juxtaposing pre-recorded material with spontaneous interventions that take place in our very own living room, we will walk the fine lines between voyeurism and exhibitionism, the real and the staged and the ‘doer’ and the viewer, that are inherent in both mediums. 

This session is in Dutch. It will be streamed from our homepage on nowshow.nl Immediately after this livestream the Art Department of Den Bosch will start their stream called: A Portrait of the Artists. So stay tuned to keep watching this Art event.


Art & Research, Breda also present their work at the academy in Breda.
For more information check out this event.

Still / in motion 
Art & Research | Breda
8– 11 July 2021, 11.00 – 18.00
St Joost School of Art & Design, Beukenlaan 1, Breda 

As the graduating ART-class of 2021, we started working in different groups after our working periods in and during De Fabriek and because of questions surrounding collectivity. During stricter measures of COVID this resulted in different residencies, with process-oriented attitudes. We asked ourselves ‘what is the space I work in?’ to also make new connections with each other and reach beyond what was offered to us. 

Due to the relaxation in measures, we can now manifest ourselves again in the physical space of our school and so we move the arisen residencies into this space. During the Graduation Show, we enter into a final artists in residency work period as a class in which we invite the public to be part of a dynamic workplace where the process-based work has not come to a halt, but rather creates a new environment in which we reconnect with each other and with the visitor.