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We proudly present the graduates in New Design & Attitudes 2021. Over the past months, the graduates have proven their extraordinary flexibility and resilience where, in a period of uncertainty, they were able to unleash new opportunities to reinvent professional practices by creating projects relevant and urgent to the graduates themselves, but also to the wider society and the world.  

During the livestream, we look forward to share impressions of the graduates’ work. We will talk about the current design field and what the future looks like for the graduates, their drive, ambitions, challenges and opportunities. We have invited our friends Mick Johan, Petra Janssen and Titia Hoogendoorn (moderator). 

Join us in our quest to discover how to continue innovation in design and attitudes for now and the future. 

This session is in Dutch. It will be streamed from our homepage on nowshow.nl   


Titia Hoogendoorn is an allround internetartist. You can know her from her podcast or book about politics for people who don’t know a lot about politics, as an actress and from her humoristic videos on youtube and instagram. 

After three unfinished art academies and a brief spell as a postal worker in Scheveningen, Mick Johan was the first chief editor of Vice magazine Nederland. Later, he and Matthijs Booij formed the notorious artist duo Miktor & Molf, known for such things as two album covers by De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, a swimming pool in Amsterdam Noord and collages, installations, drawings and paintings. He is now working on a career as an artist, drummer, actor and writer. His debut novel Totem Animal Arafat was published by Lebowski in 2017, and the film rights were sold. However, the film was never made. The second album of his band MICH (with Piet Parra, Rimer London, Sofie Winterson and Bastiaan Bosma) was released in 2020 by Excelsior and was nominated by 3FM for the best album of that year. His acting career reached its peak in ‘Baantjer, de film’ where he played Kraker nr.1, who is knocked down and spat on in the first minute of the film. 

Petra Janssen runs together with Edwin, a multidisciplinary design studio, Studio Boot. She is also co-founder of Social Label Foundation and Werkwarenhuis.  She has been teaching all her life, first at Art school St Joost’s, then the Design Academy Eindhoven and now at Artez Universtiy Master programme Practice Held in Common. As a designer, educator and initiator she makes strategic plans and sees it as an important task to make the power of design for society visible and serviceable. Design by doing with beauty as its language. Last year, Lidewij Edelkoort asked her to be ambassador of the Netherlands for the World Hope Forums. She does this next to her work as a designer at her own agency Studio Boot. Boot’s work has often won international awards. www.studioboot.nl