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We proudly present the 2021 graduates in film from the study Photography, Film & the Digital. It was an exceptional year in which eleven students created their graduation film, now ready to premiere through an online event. Join us for the Film Première on July 8, from 13.00h-17.00h. After every three movies a Q&A will be performed and moderated by filmmaker and 2015 graduate Vincent Boy Kars. Take a seat, relax and enjoy! 

This session is in Dutch. It will be streamed from our homepage on nowshow.nl

The films of the following young makers will be shown:
Wat thuis thuis maakt – Ruben Groetelaars
Mama en ik – Kendra Jacobs
Zoals het vroeger was – Mareine van Lieshout
Het Nu – Koen van Driel
Het Buitenhuis – Yana Engelbrecht
Donna – Sonia Commandeur
Krokus Tijd – Thijs Breukers
Haru – Primo Wolf
Uit de Maat – Luuk van de Ven