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During this livestream, this group of young artists will engage in performative articulations and a collective discussion around the urgent questions that drive their practices. The pace and nature of this event will reflect their desire to take time, to reflect and to question contemporary conditions such as the omnipresence of the digital, the notion of progress and the speed of life in general.  

Mediated by a mobile searching camera, viewers can observe how this group strives to address, through mutual care and respect, the issues that connect them: the notion of nostalgia and their concerns about the future. 

This session is in Dutch. It will be streamed from our homepage on nowshow.nl. Before this livestream, at 16.00h the Art Department of Breda will stream their program called: On TV. So tune in at 16.00h to watch this as well. 


Art & Research, Den Bosch also present their work at the academy in Den Bosch.
For more information check out this event.

Nothing is twice 
Art & Research | Den Bosch 
8– 11 July 2021, 11.00 – 18.00 
St Joost School of Art & Design, Parallelweg 21, Den Bosch 

Nothing is twice
They dream
They think
They do
They surround themselves with thoughts
They open up their inner world
They feel the need to slow down time and motion
They try to find tranquillity
They create a space in which this is possible
They find joy in the practice of making
They are dedicated to the material they work with
They play and they assemble
They wander with wonder
They imagine what the world will look like in the future
They sometimes recall what used to be
They are critical
They are attentive
They dare to ask questions
They are longing for connection with each other
With you
With anyone