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With playful brushstrokes, cozy colours, everyday scenes and disappointed looks, I portray ‘the other side’ in my painting. With spoken word text I pay attention to these usually hidden moments.

Growing up in a, now gentrified, deprived neighbourhood with a single mother, I was not rarely exposed to ‘the other side of the gloze’. This shone through in the cracks in the walls of the house where I grew up, in the greeting nods from the Salvation Army people on the way to school and in the fights of my classmates who even didn’t make it further than the school yard in weekends.

I want to show reality, without the facade, achieved successes or culminations. It is the failure, the vulnerability and the human deficiency that I want to show. Our tireless desire for happiness, which usually fails. Because life simply isn’t makeable, as is often mistaken. It is my hope that people will connect to my work. With seeing, we can empathize and with compassion we can forgive. So we can forgive ourselves and each other for our eternal failure.