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We will believe, we will choose, we will become, we will be worth it, we will be real. And most of all, we will stand side by side. You shall say "I WILL" and together we say "WE WILL".

No one ever saw this coming, a global pandemic. As a result, we have unexpectedly ended up in a completely different lifestyle. It may take years before we get back to the “old”. This has a great impact on our society, and especially on young people. How we moved from the current ’10s to the ’20s has many similarities with other moments in history where after periods of standing still, an explosion of renewal, optimism and change followed.

This sustainable ‘WE WILL’ collection focuses on similarities between the (youth) cultures in the transition from the 60s/70s to the 80s and the current transition from the ’10s to ’20s, which we now live in.

The six pieces of clothing partly inspired by Art Nouveau and the 60s/70s, each with their own theme, gives the wearer a feeling of support and strength.

For more information, follow us on social media @PHALTERS or visit www.phalters.com.