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Winner JBZ Award 2021

An animated short where a girl experiences a familiar haunting.

When our protagonist wakes up in the middle of the night to her alarm clock ringing, she knows something is up. These suspicions are confirmed after looking in the mirror. A broken connection to herself sets off a haunting.

My film explores the supernatural as a metaphor for mental illness. Depression and dissociation can quite literally make you feel like you are haunting yourself. My film explores both the haunted and the haunter. We move with the character from being confused and scared, to them making an active effort to perpetuate the activity. This represents the negative loop of mental disorder.

While drafting the concepts for this film I felt the need for a more tactile approach. Drypoint printing gave me the ambience I was looking for. The scratchy line work on rough paper with dark, blooming ink created a beautiful and anxious setting for my haunting.