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Genomineerd voor de St. Joostpenning 2021

Space for researching the maternal in art.

During my third year at art school, I became pregnant with my son. When I started my graduation year after his birth, I was confronted with the taboo surrounding motherhood in art and the invisibility that I experienced as a mother at St Joost. The study on motherhood in art that followed, resulted in the birth of Vrouwenmantel Art Research Group.

Vrouwenmantel Art Research Group is an art initiative who creates spaces for researching the maternal in art, the maternal that can be assumed in the art practice and alternative models in art that are found on a care-based work ethic in which being a mother and an artist can form a symbiosis.

The spaces that are created are spaces where integrity, safety, inclusivity and caregiving are main priorities. Vrouwenmantel Art Research Group develops workshops, writes articles, publishes zines and collaborates with other artists and cultural organizations.