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I want to create environments which hold room for playfulness, curiosity, spontaneity and a sense of freedom.

I mostly work with recycled textiles and other gathered materials such as wood. I want to discover playfully, both during the making and the experience itself. I want to be able to work with attention by slowly collecting materials and through meditative or repetitive actions. But at the same time, I want to be able to rush it by sewing with large wild stitches, or ragging the fabrics through my sewing machine at a reckless speed. I want to be able to call it laziness, or a distraction, when it is just that… Not feeling forced to pretend that all choices are intentional and have to lead somewhere. In contrast to the prevailing structures I want to show that working and relaxation, and caring for and being able to criticize one, and another are not at odds with each other, but are connected and reinforce each other.