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Sexual assault is a topic that people have a straightforward opinion about: “The assailant is the bad guy and needs to be punished”. What if all of a sudden you feel compassion for said perpetrator and you can understand why they did it. Will everything still be as indiscriminate then?

Hey, my name’s Luuk van de Ven, but for this project I’ve taken on my drag persona Emily Salvia. With Emily I can express everything I am not allowed to be in this society. Hence, why I’m proud to say I took it upon myself to combine my drag artistry and film, in order to visualize my vulnerable side and to inspire others.

When I was young I was sexually assaulted by my best friend and I was unable to process the gravity of it because there was no media representation of situations similar to mine.

“Uit de Maat” will be my first visual EP and with it, I want to support others who have experienced sexual assault. To be the representation that I, myself, missed when I needed it.

You can listen to “Uit De Maat” now on your favorite streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.