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Join the character who packed up all of their belongings and took off into the wide, wide world and get lost in your imagination.

Everyone has a longing for travel and adventure, but not everyone feels the need to hop on a plane to go backpacking in the Philippines. As a substitute for physical travel, these people like to escape into their minds. They use books, games, and movies to venture into faraway lands. In these kinds of media, the journey is often more important than the destination. What decisions do the characters make on the way? What events shape them as a person? What do they learn?

With my automaton, I have created an analogue way for people to go on a journey into their imagination. Simply turn the handle and travel along with the character who took their whole house with them on their bike and took off, off into the wide, wide world. Get carried away in the details of the installation and picture for yourself: Where does your journey go to?