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A tactile educational solution for children to learn the writing letters in primary school.

The visual writing letter ensures children to know, recognize and write the writing letters sensory and motorically. By using tactile letters with colours and cut-out shapes, I ensure that the learning process of writing the letters is visually supported. It helps children, who think mostly visual, to learn where to start, where to go, which way to turn, where to go and so on.

The visual writing letter consists of a box containing all 26 letters in order from a to z. The child attaches a writhing letter to the letter shelf. Then the movement of the letter is made with the finger. Next, the same movement is made with a wooden pin. Because the movement has already been made with the pin in the hand, it is easier for the child to make the transition to creating the writing letter freehanded on the whiteboard. Devised in collaboration with educational experts.