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In my work I try to visualise people with an unique subjective experience of the world, like in ‘The Now’, a story about staying present whilst coping with an upcoming loss.

Told in a subjective narration, Rose needs to cope with the upcoming death of her grandmother. The story takes place on a boat where Rose, her parents and sister wait for their dying grandma to return from the hospital. Using what she learned from her meditative paintwork, she tries to stay present while her parents and sister have a different approach. Will they ever understand each other in their grief?
Since hearing about a term called ‘hypernowness’, an exaggerated meditative state of mind where no future or past exists, I became interested in the possible negative effects of mindfulness and meditation. As a meditator myself I began to wonder: how hard should I work to stay in the present moment? In this film I set out to take a more nuanced view on these popular methods of self-development and how they influence the difficult times in our lives.