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Genomineerd voor de St. Joostpenning 2021

Celebrating and teaching Black art history through textile and fashion.

The Missing Pages is a project started to offer people a jumping off point to learn more about art history from Africa and the African diaspora. Black art, from music to fashion to fine art, is everywhere and only growing in popularity. But if you take a look at art history books and curriculums, there seems to be little if any black artists mentioned. I want to teach people more about black art history in a way that makes it accessible to anyone, not just people well-versed in art history. I use textile design to get people interested in the subject and artist, and because you can own it and wear it yourself, it makes it more personal and memorable. The designs are all inspired by one of three black artists, and are based on a subject from either the Netherlands, Suriname, or Curaçao.