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Rick van der Klooster (1995) is a visual artist and photographer based in Rotterdam (NL). His photographic work revolves around themes like transience, precarity and nature. Most projects result in the form of photo books and zines. The photo books are often long-term projects where metaphorical imagery visualizes the underlying themes. In his zines the direct environment is the source of inspiration and the zine-medium functions as a way of communicating with his surroundings.

‘The Day the Birds stopped Singing’ is a poetic photobook about growing up in a fading world. This contrast interests me because we’re constantly thinking about our future, but instead of thinking about our career or dreams, we’re being confronted by the effects of climate change. In my photobook I capture this liminal feeling by photographing people from my age, 20-30 years old, their portraits are combined with photographs of city birds I meet in the local parks of Rotterdam.

For me it’s interesting to see how my generation is moving to the cities because of career options and the birds are flying here because their natural habitats are getting destroyed for capital profit. So in a way, these birds aren’t so different from my generation. But what use are our wings if there is nowhere to land?