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I hope to inspire people to tell their stories but also listen to the stories of others.

I think it is important as people to listen to others and with this project I want to give a platform to people to tell their story. This is the story of a six year old child that fled with his family from Syria to the Netherlands and grew up in the Netherlands.

This six year old was born on Newroz. Newroz is on the first day of spring and represents new beginnings. It is considered to be one of the most important festival in the Kurdish culture. On Newroz evening, bonfires are lit and these fires symbolise the passing of the dark season.

You will hear about the emotions this 6-year old child felt and how they grew up being very resilient and hardworking. The story is told through animation, dance and music. All powerful mediums for storytelling that I combined to compliment each other, bringing different worlds together.