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I'm an illustrator, concept designer and character designer. I'm a hard-working and imaginative artist and as an illustrator it's important to me that I can put my love for all things fantasy, nature, colour and spirituality into my work.

Tarot For The Beginner Witch’ is a project I started to shine a positive and inviting light on witchcraft. The topic of witchcraft is something that is often put in a negative light, and I would like to debunk some misconceptions regarding this subject.
Witchcraft is a broad term that is found all over the world and practised in many cultures. There is no age, gender or religion bound to this practice and is open to anyone who is interested.
But still, why does witchcraft have such a strange, negative stigma around it? Why is it often associated with, for example, satanism? Where do misconceptions like these come from?

This tarot will debunk these misconceptions and teach you about the true meaning of witchcraft, Wicca and how to read tarot.