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Genomineerd voor de Lucasprijs 2021

Immersive storytelling is what keeps me busy during the day and awake at night. I am fascinated with environments where every detail joins together in one story. As a 3D artist I explore immersivity in Virtual & Augmented Reality by experimenting in Unity & Blender.

Synthesis is a Virtual Reality installation which takes you into the world of Walter Gardner, an old painter who loses himself in the unending process of his next masterpiece. Only when he accepts his hopeless situation, can he look at the world through new eyes.

In a society focused on performance we are confronted almost daily with questions like: Am I good enough? Do I matter? Do I add anything to this world? People are always so busy worrying about their place in the world that they never wonder about what life can give them. Synthesis follows Gardner’s journey to a new, liberating worldview. Enjoying the sun, clouds and wind, he rediscovers himself and his passion in painting.