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Genomineerd voor de Lucasprijs 2021 & JBZ Award 2021

If it doesn't hit you, it'll hit someone you love.

Welcome to this frightening yet dreamy world, the world of Alzheimer’s. It is a world you would rather not enter, but unfortunately this will happen to many of us. One in five Dutch people are potentially prone to this terrible diagnosis, and even one in three women. So, we can say; if it doesn’t hit you, it’ll hit someone you love.

It is a reality that will transform the world as you know it, and that is often misunderstood. Alzheimer’s is also full of beautiful moments and intimate contact.

I am not a designer who solves problems, I am the designer who draws attention to what I believe is underexposed. And no, we cannot see everything, but we can learn to be aware of how blind we sometimes are. With this project, I shine a light on this disease by means of a visualization. How can we find a language for something that cannot be described with words?