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A social project in which aesthetics and functionality are brought together.

I rang the doorbell and coffee was immediately offered. At that moment it already felt like home. During this period I ended up in Het Stationkwartier in Breda, where I took the initiative to create three sculptural works for this district. In this way, I got an indication of what is essentially required. The works were exhibited for two weeks on the wasteland adjacent to Spoorstraat and Belcrumweg.

The three works were created together with Sjoerd, Anne, Joost, Ria, Jessi and Lucia. By talking about topics such as empathy, project development and homeless people. Connections would be made with functional or sculptural objects. The conversation was divided into four 15-minute moments, in which the subject changed every 15 minutes.

The works come to symbolize the experiences and anecdotes of residents. In this, the design is related to a functional object or an object that has an indirect link with the symbolism or meaning of an object. The works are not so much about the person but about the stories they tell. The aesthetic of the graphic color gradient is a clear counter-reaction to the proliferation of the wasteland.