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Wilma Fransen creates illustrations about animal welfare, mental health and Christianity. Through these illustrations, she shares her life and behavioral choices. This makes her work personal and open.

What are your talents, and what are your dreams? Where are you good at, and which things give you real joy? What would your life look like if you would listen to your heart? ‘Shine’ is a zine that aims to inspire you -even if you’re not religious – to follow your passion with the monastic life as an inspiration. Monastics take their vocation serious and want to dedicate their lives to God. This dedication and the bravery to listen to your longings and to truly go after your dreams, can make you happy! The zine ‘Shine’ shows the norms and values of the monastic life and how you can implement those in to your own life. When you live your life consciously and take your longings serious, just like monastics do, you can be happier and more in harmony with yourself and others.