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Drawing for me is like breathing, it carries me. It’s the same with my creations, they come from what I see, think and dream of. By playing with colors and materials I can bring those images in my mind to life, I enjoy this process the most. With my drawings, I wish to invite my audience into the stories and worlds I create.

Robin’s magical ingredients
Amber van Toorn (1999 NL)

The idea behind Robin’s magical ingredients comes from the pleasure of making discoveries.
Those discoveries are neither big nor small, it could be a new kind of fish you had never seen before or a type of herb that is extra tasty in a salad.

I wanted to put this feeling of discovery in a story.
The story is based on things I deeply enjoy like nature, cooking and animals.
So I got the bright idea to mix the three together into a fantastic scavenger hunt.
To find veggies that would grow in nature, or on top of an animal.
With lots of color I created a friendly and curious world where the story takes place.