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A hand-made treadmill to raise awareness about local food

Nowadays, as human beings we live in a bubble of abundance where we want to optimize our lifestyle by surrounding ourselves with convenience. As a result, we forget how much energy and effort is hidden in our daily meals before it reaches our plate. This is because we have created a permanent-global summer time and we are able to consume all of our food in an anonymous way. We often end up with a shopping basket full of unfair trade, exploitation and thousands of miles of travel costs. In the old days, hunters and gatherers had to walk miles to collect their necessary calories. Nowadays, we exercise to work off our calories because we don’t have to make an effort for our food anymore. This lazy mentality also makes us appreciate our food less and less. The fact that we have food all year round is not as obvious as we think because it comes from miles away, only we don’t feel it in our legs anymore. That’s why I built a treadmill to make the effort that’s hidden in our food tangible. If we put more effort into the food we buy, for example by visiting farmers and buying seasonal products, food becomes fun again because of the passion that is transferred from producer to consumer. A better world starts on your own plate, so run along for your green beans!