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Welcome to the unique world of AD(H)D. This is a special realm where you often loose focus, can be overcome by demanding impulses throughout the day, are prone to frequent distraction, and have a recurring need to touch everything. Are you still there?

Fidgeting can be very important to keep you focused and address your ever floating attention. There are countless toys designed for children to help with improving focus and concentration. Adults are expected to remain grounded without the support of helpful objects to tether us to reality.

My project is designed to provide gadgets for adults to help them stay focused. There has been much research around living with AD(H)D and I used some of this data to inform my own designs. With the help of experts, I created tactile and aesthetic objects as fidget toys for grown-ups.

These toys keep you present and address the need for tactility and sensory validation. The items are all made from natural materials like stone, wood and clay. You can touch, rub, pet or just simply hold the object as they in turn hold you.