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I am touched by the inner world and living environment of every human and the exclusive composition of details that makes someone unique. I explore ways in which collective intimacy can occur.

A dream to write down people’s life stories turned into research about memories.

Starting from the 1st of May, I turned off my internet for 30 days and started to document my life in various ways in search for the preservation of memories. Fragments that were meant for a private archive, which at this point holds 1894,92 minutes (31,58 hours) of videos, now find their way into the film Unravelling.

I hope my vulnerability invites you to mirror the various relationships you have with your surroundings and yourself.

Which are the moments you would like to collect in your life’s archive?

During the workshops that Isa Janssen and I host, we open up conversations about memories amidst the act of forming clay into tableware. Precious stories are absorbed into plates, mugs, bowls. You are welcomed to visit Isa’s page for more information.