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Genomineerd voor de JBZ Award 2021

Plant- je regenwoud, feel good by making a difference. The project that informs you about the impact of palm oil and allows you to contribute in reducing the impact by creating and caring.

I’ve seen the palm oil plantations and I can’t forget it! The rainforest is burning, animals and plants are disappearing, the population has no choice and CO₂ is increasing. Our future is at stake. Palm oil is processed in too many products and it’s difficult to end it.

I want to do something good in return for what’s being done. As a designer, I offer children and adults the opportunity to do something good with ‘Plant- je regenwoud’. The concept teaches children about palm oil and challenges them to paint the plant pot. The children will bring the pot and information home and share it with their environment. Parents can buy an air-purifying plant, so they can contribute as well. The plant provides oxygen and absords CO₂. Everyone will get a good feeling by taking care of the plant and knowing the impact of palm oil. Plant- je regenwoud.