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"As a perfectionist designer I strive for the best, but good is also perfect."

I experience my perfectionism as a burden, because I want to do everything perfectly. My perfectionism develops pressure and stress. Studies have shown perfectionism is a social topic. My research shows that 70% of creative students experience pressure during their study.

My project tries to help the student temporarily experiences less stress. As a result of many conversations with creative students and experts in the field of mental healthcare.

I investigated the topic of perfectionism and linked some to the impact of study pressure which has led me to the concept of ‘Pakje Rust’. The ‘Pakje Rust’ is a tool that reminds students to take a break.
The target group clearly mentioned their individual need to choose products to lower their stress. Therefore, I developed a website, where students can select their own personal ‘Pakje Rust’.

So, sometimes try to relax and take a break with your personal ‘Pakje Rust’.