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Together we create, we play and we discover.

Play areas, where do you still find them these days? And, why is play so important?

Today’s children have less and less free time. They are kept busy: tutoring, homework, and sports – and so on. The pressure to succeed is only increasing. Time to “play” is almost non-existent. Play areas are not used and disappear.

Together with the neighbourhood’s children from 6 to 12 years old, I started a co-creative process in the Seeligkwartier. What are they dreaming about in the area? A “do it yourself” play area!

Kids don’t need many things to play. Upcycle stuff from the environment. Give it a personal touch together. By doing so, it is not only more challenging but also better for our climate!

A new way of playing is created: children who play take control. Creativity, curiosity, and imagination cannot be taught, you can only allow it to flourish!