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Mother nature is, in human eyes, a voiceless entity moving all around us. Growing and thriving, but also struggling and dying - at her own, and at humanity’s hands. To undo human mistakes for nature’s sake is what drives me to create.

Salt settles everywhere. From vast oceans to the food on our plates, it’s hard to imagine life without it – life with it, however, isn’t ideal.

In the Netherlands, where land and water meet repeatedly, salt has always been a big influence on nature. The biggest freshwater lake used to be a sea, after all, yet the threat of it turning briny once more would mean nothing short of disastrous.
With climate change and droughts becoming increasingly worse, salt ripples its way through the country, leaving dead crops, affected livestock and a fear of losing valuable drinking water behind.

This project focusses on enlightening the general public about salinization and bringing something positive into nature by taking salt from drinking water reserves, reshaping it, and adding it to salt marshes in the south of the country, where it can be properly digested by the environment.