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What once was no man’s land has turned into some one’s land.

Slowly but surely mankind has turned earth from a rampant tapestry into a stiff patchwork. Earth has been efficiently ploughed to make her useful. Every patch of land has neatly been assigned. What once was no man’s land has turned into someone’s land.

I unravel the landscape one thread at a time. By dissecting her from bird’s eye view, I subtly try to unveil the beauty which hides in catastrophe, and to keep visible what is fading.

In my work I use different kinds of manual labour such as embroidery, weaving, felting and spinning. My work depicts different aspects of nature. I create the image by applying materials to a canvas, so that the surface is covered with a tactile layer. My work visually entices you to touch it. It is made up of countless stitches which emphasize the artisanal side of mankind, that receives its tools from nature.