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I like to make spaces. Four walls are often already there, but the atmosphere and sound within them is precisely and attentively - all in the right order - determined by me.

The transition from girl to woman results in changes, both inside and outside myself, both visible and invisible, coming suddenly, or so slowly that they can only be noticed in retrospect. My sight is evolving. I tell quietly about being human, temporality and impermanence. About sexuality, hunger for nearness and physical opening. About faith and the connection to different communities. About what happens under my skin, thoughts and fertility, of which I can only feel a derivative.

These things become visible in 34 images – sculptures, drawings, paintings, photographs, films – together with short texts. The images are activated through performances, short moments in which I move the image and read the text, a small reality for two people. Every moving of image is shown to just one person, someone who has previously received a twin of the image. 34 works for 34 people. The residue remains to be seen.