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A picture says a thousand words, but an experience needs no words. Experiences we take with us wherever we go, creating understanding and compassion.

A new era has arrived, an era full of new levels of deception, fake news and intolerance. For instance by writing an innocent and neutral comment on Instagram about politics I received many heavily offensive reactions. There is one kind of medicine for this madness, a concoction made out of connection and communication. By creating profound contact among friends I believe to create a comfortable environment where discussion and open-mindedness are pivotal. Which in my case moulds into a beautiful game of drama. A card game that gives you answers to questions you never dared to ask others. Creating intimacy by exposure to the people closest to you. Creating familiarity by understanding how someone is wired. Creating affection by accepting your friends the way they truly are. This kind of togetherness is key to a healthy social environment. Wouldn’t you want to be part of this new movement?