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Genomineerd voor de JBZ Award 2021

Offering people who grieve a stage for their emotions and feelings, that can sometimes be hard to express out loud, by leaning on somebody else.

Watching the slow deterioration of my grandparents, I realized that grief occurs even long before the actual death. Grief, frustration, anger and loneliness are already strongly present in this phase. I wanted to design something for this; to offer tools to make the process easier. To ease the pain.

I designed two chairs, but chairs with a very big flaw. As you can see, the inner leg of the chair is way too short, so that you would tip over if you sat on it alone. However, when you sit on it together, the chairs click into place, you literally lean on the other person.

In my design you are therefore literally and figuratively forced to ask someone else for help, so that for a moment you don’t have to be the strongest, and don’t have to be alone.