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What would you do if one of your parents got ill and there is no one else to take care of them? Would you be willing to put your life on hold? A story about what binds us together and keeps us apart.

The short fiction film Krokus Tijd empathically portrays the relationship between Lisette (40) and her father Fóns (70). Lisette does not want to give up her life in Amsterdam, but when her mother dies, she has to return to her birthplace in Limburg to take care of her needy father Fóns. Because she doesn’t want to do this, she tries to get Fóns into a nursing home as soon as possible. Unfortunately, her plan does not go as expected and several events cause Lisette to suffer from her conscience. The film questions Lisette’s psychology as she is caught between love, duty and her own freedom, stuck in circumstances exacerbated by stressful bureaucratic obstacles in our society. What is the right thing to do?