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As a writer, I love developing moving story’s like this, and bringing them to life with 3D animation!

Have you ever felt terribly guilty? Well, Tony does. In his anger, this little, handcrafted character has pushed his buddy Bobbie from a high shelf! Bobbie is broken; beads bounce in all directions! Immediately, Tony feels very guilty and tries, in his own way, to fix Bobbie.

Kapot (Broken) is a short 3D animation about feelings of guilt, and the shame surrounding it. Hiding your mistakes and trying to solve a complicated problem by yourself, often makes the situation worse. The courage needed to tell somebody about it, becomes more and more difficult to find in yourself. I want to show that sharing your mistakes and asking for help can be frightening, but it will always be better than hiding! You are never too far from forgiveness!

Little Tony’s story escalates… Will he ever fix this mess?