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We might speak in the same riddles. Who knows.

The methodology of my work is rhizomatic. A rhizome connects people, things, elements without being ordered by an external force. It is non-linear and associative. The rhizome is expressed in archival painting: an attitude towards life and with it the search for a co-existence, an ambiguous urge to amass. It is non-hierarchical; there is anarchy. It is made of unpacifiable contradictions. The archive is found yet constructed / factual and fictional / public and personal.

The painted archives do not yearn for a fixed origin. They construct a fluid nature and hold multiple places and memories and desires within them. In this light, they reside in multiple places. It is contrived with the desire to establish relationships with the interior, with the spectator, to perhaps be part of the interior itself. To enable it to be made an extension of the onlooker.