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As a designer with a fascination for art history, I design tools that are related to the act of looking and the gaze. "Change the way you look at things & the things you look at change."

Do you know how many images you see daily? In today’s (digital) society, images are becoming increasingly important. We are active image-prosumers: we like, make and share images all day, every day. We watch ourselves being watched (on social media) and we’re all engaging in a certain type of gaze.

Because of this big amount of image-consumption, I’m raising the question if we’re still aware of what we actually see, and whether we understand the inherent meanings of these images.

When visiting a museum, one is more aware of the act of looking, but is there a way to take this awareness back into our daily lives? My design research digs into visual literacy and produced a brochure, which functions as a tool to learn new ways to look at images and improve your very own visual literacy.

What is your new gaze?