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Drawing is a part of my life.

For my graduation project, I wanted to tell a story from the past. This project would take the form of a reading book with illustrations for a younger target group. The story is informative but also entertaining. I chose the Byzantine Empire as the theme. A relatively unknown subject for many in the Netherlands, while Byzantium had a rich history.

The story I wrote is about a boy Ignatios who lives with his family in the countryside near the city of Constantinople. One day, Ignatios is told that his uncle is very ill. His uncle is a priest in the city of Constantinople. Ignatios’ father thinks the uncle can get well with the help of a good luck charm. But the lucky charm is in the possession of Igantios’ aunt, who lives as a hermit in the mountains. Ignatios decides to go in search of his aunt with his donkey Takis and thus try to hand over the amulet to his uncle. During the journey, Ignatios experiences adventures and discovers the city of Constantinople.