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In my handmade camera a plant is growing

In my handmade camera, a plant is growing, inhabiting the space where the image comes into existence. I take the camera to the field, where I talk with farmers. Different worlds come across, borders are passed by.

The plant germinated, where there was only soil before. It grew and grew, almost out of my camera. A process of cause and effect, of caring and letting go. All are linked, initiating a next phase.

In agriculture, flags are used to protect crops. I have made thirty blue flags, printed with images of the plant growing in my camera. I have sent those flags to people spread over the country, the same people I have sent a seed earlier: “please, put your flag to protect your own crop and make a picture of it”. On my website “waarishetbeeld.nl”, these pictures can be visited.

I mark a field. I will become a farmer.