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With minimalistic and playfull design I try to find someting good in every part of life and bring a tiny smile into your day.

‘(I) Love Me’ – is a series of five animations, which each tell the story of a different Chinese adoptee. In this, various themes are addressed that adoptees often have to deal with: Roots, Identity, Mental Health and Racism. The fifth theme is China which covers topics such as the culture and history of the country itself, this helps with the understanding of the other themes.

Each person deals with these themes in a different way, one has a hard time while the other goes through life almost effortlessly. By sharing these experiences with the world, I hope to appeal to Chinese adoptees, to encourage them and let them know that they are not alone. No matter how different you feel, there will always be someone who understands you. The title ‘(I) Love Me’ refers to the message to love, each other, but most of all yourself.