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’Her works can walk a fine line between humor and gruesomeness, binding contrasting themes into harmony. Bringing social issues to the surface and twisting those into other perspectives. Giving people a voice through art. She is an advocate for interactive and experience-based work. Making the audience part of the work.’’

In AKV St Joost there is an enormous iron object with razor-sharp points and a diameter of 1.80 meters. Not a bear trap, but a real functioning human trap that makes no distinction. But designed specifically for humans and waiting for the moment when it can strike. An object in a continuous waiting mode, which (hopefully) never fulfills its sole purpose.

The trap is a translation from the ‘hypocrisy in Dutch hospitality, openness or tolerance’. But at the same time it carries a universal character and is a direct translation of an experience and feeling.
The human trap is a work that dares to speak out. A work that actively involves the audience and perhaps even makes them part of it. It asks what can a work be? But also explores the boundaries of what a graduation work can and may be within the safe walls of a school institution.