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Satan, Hotel Owner of hotel Inferno, is forced to talk to the guests one day. These guests are sinners sent to hell, and they are absolutely getting on Satan's nerves.

“One day, Satan leaves his penthouse and enters hotel Inferno to run some errands. He gets caught up deep into some nasty bullshit with his guests; the sinners. And when I say sinners, I’m talking about the kind of person who eats with their mouths wide open, snaps their fingers at waiters or starts occupying all the lounge chairs by the pool at 6 AM. Those are the kind of outrageous people that get on Satan’s nerves HARD.”

Read about Satan, an anxious, awkward and short-tempered individual. And his annoying guests, who you will definitely recognize from your life-experiences. A hilarious and very casual written story that will definitely have you, at the least, sniffing through your nose hard a few times.”