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I'm a visual artist, currently focused on film. In my work, color and shape are more essential elements than dialogue or narrative form. To emphasize the expressiveness of the images, I approached this film with a stylized and minimalistic visual language, in which the art direction and the characters have a major role. In this way I create layers in which there is room for interpretation.

In a house in the countryside lives a young character who longs for contact with the outside world. The country house limits him in this. Within the spacious, but restrictive interior, the character fights against himself as he begins to feel increasingly constricted.

In the film ‘Het Buitenhuis’ (The Country House), I question the conventions to which most people want to conform. My main character interprets the world around him in an idiosyncratic way, and I hope the film provokes the viewer to do this too. The medium of film is an effective way to introduce an audience to a person who sees the world “differently”.