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In a world held within the clutches of the eight deities, a young girl goes against destiny by going on a grand adventure through the forbidden lands, to restore the Maloria and bring back peace.

Hero not Found by Tessa Stehouwer

We all know the story; the hero, chosen by an unknown force, is destined to save the world. However, what if the chosen one never shows up? Will people keep waiting? Or will someone stand up and take matters into their own hands?
This trailer, for the series: Hero not Found, follows May; an everyday 17-year-old, who is done waiting for a lost hero and chooses to take control of her own future and that of the world. Together with her companion Sachi, she goes against the prophecy of her world by going on a search for the missing pieces of the Maloria; a magical artifact that was destroyed long ago. She will prove that, no matter where you’re from, what gender you are, what talents you have or lack, it does not matter if you’re passionate and are willing to work hard for your goals.

No one can decide your destiny but you.